Make It About Memories, Not Money

Mother Nature has been quite kind to us in Manitoba so far this summer. The sun has been shining and the temperatures are fantastic. And let’s not mention the M word, the lack of our buzzing, biting little buddies. Now that school is out, it’s time to think about how to entertain ourselves on the […]

Money Management – Can You Afford It?

On the face of it you can, because there’s the money in the bank that’s maybe not doing much. After all, the bank is paying you 0.00001% on your deposit account, you don’t understand the stock market so there’s no point risking it there because you could lose a lot more than whatever you’ve seen […]

Manage Your Money Like a Basketball Bracket

Nobody likes the process of building a budget but since we have all been captivated by watching NCAA basketball during March I thought of a way to make the process more fun by turning the chore of budgeting into a game. If you are a March Madness fan you probably still have brackets on your […]

How to Budget Your Way Out of Debt

While so many are unemployed and the situation is worsening the debt crisis hitting families is becoming more unsustainable. Governments say they want to create employment but they have no way of stopping companies from moving offshore or from ceasing to exist. This is having a huge impact on all countries and the introduction of […]