Tips On How To Save Money On Costumes

Costumes give you a new look which makes you feel like an entirely new person. While this is the case, if you have bought the outfits before you know that they don’t come cheap. The cool thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. To help you out, here are tips on how to save money on them:

Make your own

This is probably the most obvious way to cut on your expenses. Some people give excuses that they aren’t crafty or can’t sew. Remember that your outfit doesn’t have to be perfect. All you need to do is make something that is fun and looks interesting.

There are plenty of places you can get costume ideas. You can find ideas from magazines or even online. One of the best places being, Pinterest. If you aren’t crafty, find the easiest designs that you can comfortably make and create your costume.

Visit thrift stores

These are stores that sell their products at incredibly low prices. Sometimes the outfits are new, and other times they are worn only once. To save money, visit these places and see what you can find. When making the purchase, avoid outfits that are in atrocious shape as they will give you a bad look.


Do you have friends or family members that are fond of wearing costumes? Why buy when you can borrow from them? You should approach these people and ask them if they can lend you an outfit to wear during your big day. If they aren’t using the gear, most of them will lend it to you, and you will have saved some money. Remember to take good care of it to avoid problems in the future.

Swap costumes

This is almost similar to borrowing, but now you will be exchanging your costume with another person. This idea is ideal when you have one costume, and don’t want to invest your money buying another. You can exchange the outfit with friends or family members. You can also find someone to trade with online.

Reuse your old clothes

If the worse gets to worst, consider reusing your clothes. For example, wear an overall, flannel shirt, and place some dirt on your face and you will look like a farmer.


These are tips on how to save money on your costumes. Regardless of the method you use, wear an outfit that is pleasing to the eyes and gives you an interesting look.